Been to every career development workshop and it all sounds great, but no one is talking about the kind of institutional pressures YOU are dealing with….

You are working hard but somehow STUCK in inefficiency, putting everyone else’s priorities first, and starting to doubt whether you can ever really have control and be successful...

You spent years studying and training and sacrificing to become academic faculty…and here you are still working nights and weekends on the projects you care most about…

As a woman of color in academic medicine, you have...

But... What if I told you that you could walk away from this institutional mindset forever, and take REAL control of your life, your happiness and your career - with clarity and strategy?

This doesn’t feel great at all…

...and yet your colleagues have insinuated that this unpleasant reality is simply part and parcel of academic life. They tell you to settle, to be grateful because it could be worse, and to just do what Chad over there did…

Here is the truth I realized: There is no one responsible for creating the career I want but me. 

hi, i'm kemi,

After years of schooling and training, we can be so accustomed to delegating our futures, that we forget to switch gears once we start as faculty. I know I did. A course correction was critical and the main ingredient to my success - fully funded research doing the work I love, a balanced life with my spouse and 2 littles, and a true sense of meaning and nourishment from my career. 

I created this coaching company because all of this is attainable .

Though mindset work, career organization, and deliberate strategy.

No more settling, no more burn out. 

I have a biomedical engineering degree from Duke University, went to Columbia P&S for med school, and on to Chicago for OBGYN residency training, UNC for gynecologic oncology fellowship, and a post-doctoral research fellowship in Health Policy and Management. I secured 3 independent grants as a fellow, and another 5 in my first 3 years on faculty. I study race, gender, cancer, and health in the US. My love languages are French fries, motivational quotes, and calling out B.S., in that order.

I am so grateful to have this platform to remind us of own value and empower us to pursue fulfilling and nurturing careers.

Let's do this.

Are you ready to reframe and re-create your academic life so that you can experience real career control, secure grant funding, and do the work that you love?

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KD Coach LLC is a high-quality academic coaching business that creates a safe, warm, and effective space to unlock the intelligence, creativity, and potential of women of color in academic medicine.