Are You Building The Academic Career You Want...Or Hard At Work, Checking Boxes On Everyone Else's To-Do List?

A successful career doing the work that you love doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your values, your family, or your joy. 

You have been to every career development workshop and it all sounds great, but no one is talking about the kind of institutional pressures YOU are dealing with….

You are working hard but somehow STUCK in inefficiency, putting everyone else’s priorities first, and starting to doubt whether you have what it really takes to be successful… 

You spent years studying and training and sacrificing to become academic faculty…and here you are still working nights and weekends on the projects you care most about…

This doesn’t feel great at all…and yet your colleagues have insinuated that this unpleasant reality is simply part and parcel of academic life. They tell you to settle, to be grateful because it could be worse, and just do what Johnny over there did…


Every day I help early-career women of color faculty in academic medicine, like you, re-frame and re-create their academic life so that they can channel their ideas, passions, and skills into grant-funded work with institutional support. 



The format of the program is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes Get That Grant work so well. When we get to speak I’ll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you.
Rest assured the format is the right mix of: 

Structured, organized, and efficient curriculum to teach you what to do 

Face to face virtual coaching to ensure you go from theory to action in real time

Small group strategy sessions to address unique personal and institutional challenges

24/7 support in a community of high-achieving womxn who are building their dream careers

Clarify Your Academic Value

Without knowing the specific and unique set of skills you bring to the table, you have no compass to guide your decisions and thus your career. The goal is to define your value and then operationalize it right away – aligning your goals and activities, optimizing your mentor relationships, and building your base for navigation in your career.  

Optimize Your Micro-Environment

Being at the mercy of the day’s chaos is over. Cultivate self-care at work habits that protect your time, keep you in good standing with your department, and free you from the tyranny of the never-ending to-do list. Learn task setting and time management so getting your work done is inevitable. 

Grant Getting Strategy

You’ve got ideas and it’s time to bring them to life! You will crystalize your research lane and your structural needs so no effort is wasted, learn my Functional Feedback technique to squeeze every drop out of peer review, and stay in charge of your process while making resilience a tangible habit. 

“I remember feeling like a failure when I started. Not following through, my projects falling behind, my clinical work was starting to just feel like a chore. And now I feel like I have a clear plan, the time management and self-care at work has been SO helpful.” 



get that grant- results

“…I’ve learned too many things to name thus far, but one that resonates deeply is how to build structure for myself to operationalize my purpose, and to enact my purpose in navigating decisions at a new institution so early in my career.”


"I GOT THE K [GRANT]!!!!!!"


I am 100% committed to helping my clients get results. In fact, during the first 30 days I’m going to be watching you closely. If you aren't actually doing the work, I’ll politely ask you to leave and you’ll lose your opportunity to transform both your experience of your career and the results you can create. 
That's how committed I am to the integrity of this program.



Early career *WOC* faculty in academic medicine who want to secure grant funding doing the work that inspires them. 

Ambitious women who want to work SMARTER, not harder, to 3x their productivity and submit multiple grants in the next 12 months. 

Early-career women who have BIG GOALS to achieve and don’t want to sacrifice their life in order to be successful in their career.

People who don’t have an academic faculty position – you have to be faculty!

People who have NO CLUE what they want to contribute academically or what their research, papers, and/or grants would be about. 

People who have NO EXPERIENCE in any scholarly work at all (ex: papers, abstracts, grants, and/or new research projects). You need to know the basics of academic writing. 

Driven women who are motivated, teachable and, ready to take action right NOW.

People who want to COMPLAIN, always be comfortable, and are not willing to try anything new. 

Dedicated women who really CARE about their research, their ideas, and the change they can bring to their patients and community. 

There is a qualification process for each faculty member. This program is for those committed to making a difference in their field. It’s very exciting, it produces unprecedented results for you - however, it’s not for everyone.

Qualification Criteria for Each Get That Grant Member


Become the CEO of your own career.

Whether you are a generalist or subspecialist, a surgeon or an intensivist – you have gotten this far by being an expert at adapting and excelling in standards...set by everyone else. 

This often includes:

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It’s not okay because you studied, worked, trained, and toiled for YEARS to get to this position. You probably chose to make LESS money because you believed in the academic mission. You were passionate about making a real difference in your field…and now you are settling for much less. You are still waiting for the time when you actually get to take charge. Meanwhile…time is ticking. And maybe, you are even considering down-sizing your dreams to avoid burning out, and just giving in to the status quo. 

This is a sign that it’s time for a shift. 

• Putting things you need to do for others ahead of your own work, leaving you to catch up on nights and weekends
• Confusing being grateful for your job with saying Yes to anything your mentor or leader asks of you
• Relying on people who may or may not care about your work to value it and tell you if it’s good enough
• Relying on quick wins and co-investigator roles to keep you academically afloat, while putting your own work last

This is not okay! None of this is okay or ‘just the way it is.’ No!

NOTE: Not an implosion, not a dramatic exit….a shift. A shift where you first realize that what got you here, is not going to get you where you want to go. There is no amount of people-pleasing, trainee-mindset-driven work that is going to create the academic career that you want. Being faculty can be great, but not if you have no control over your career. Working nights and weekends now, will not get you to a future of not working nights and weekends. Prioritizing everyone else’s needs now, because you are ‘junior’, will never get you to a place where you get to come first. The “pay your dues now, so you can have what you want later” is a trainee mindset, and it is not serving you. 

Ultimately, NONE of this ok because it leads to a) wasting your time, b) burnout, and c) the slow and dangerous creep of self-doubt. These are toxic to your potential – and you have barely just unlocked it. 

I am here to unlock the intelligence, passion, and potential of women of color in academic medicine because you and your ideas are WORTH it. 

Long ago you abandoned ‘easy’ and chose this career path. It is not easy, but it can be AMAZING. It can be a fulfilling, nourishing, and inspiring journey to building a legacy of work that matters.  

You would not be where you are if you did not have what it takes. 
This is a sign that it’s time for a shift. 

"I still can't believe how much progress I've made on my coaching goals in the past 3 months. While things definitely look different from the outside –(more) writing productivity and efficiency! -- it's amazing how different it FEELS to be able to trust my intuition more."

MD, general surgery

"My foundation grant got funded!"

MD, urology

"My grant went in yesterday! I'm still a bit in disbelief. I learned so much, and honestly the Decision Doctrine and Coaching Model were what got me through. I just kept taking it one decision at a time instead of ruminating or assuming."

MD, radiation oncology

"Thank you for the gift you have given me through professional coaching. It moves me to tears to think of all that I am already, and all that I will continue to become with this new framework and foundation of encouragement in place. You are truly a gem, Kemi Doll!!"


"Got the grant!! Received my NOI this week to fund a $1.1 mil evaluation center. 💝"

PhD, psychology

"I did a (delayed) mid year review and feel awesome about my products and the middle of a pandemic!...all since starting GTG. Career development award JIT submitted, Aim 1 underway w/ other funding, 2 small grants submitted, 1 first author paper in press and 2 under review, launched a trial as site lead, onboarded 3 new staff!! Most importantly I haven't been miserable and overworked, I have been loving it. Thank you, Kemi Doll for your coaching! Life changing!

PhD, Clinical Psychology

"I was awarded a grant to address food insecurity as a palliative care issue in our pediatric population... and submitted final revisions on a manuscript accepted for publication!"

MD, Pediatrics

"One more paper went out for coauthor review And another accepted pending minor edits! These were goal papers for 2020!"

MD, Nephrology

"I loved the *internal work* that I did in this program to *empower* myself to make the external changes that I was looking for.. I shifted out of a more mindless mindset that was all go-go-go, finish any work that someone sets in front me. Through the coaching program, I was able to give full attention to my internal compass and invest in my own research vision…My career feels much more aligned with the change that I want to see in the world."


"My grant is in! No one cried and there was still food on the table all week! GTG must be working 😉"



This program is not cheap. It is not designed to be. The faculty I’ve worked with have experienced radical change in their careers – submitting grants in a matter of weeks, securing institutional support against all prior precedent, 3x’ing their productivity, reclaiming a clarity and joy in their careers that is priceless – they know my methods work.

However (at this stage) you don’t know that they will work for you. To give you some comfort, I am prepared to let you enroll and leave ✌🏾- if it’s not for you. If you enroll in Get That Grant, you implement everything you commit to (as guided by me), and you don’t see any transformation or progress in the first 30 days, I will refund your investment in full and you get to keep everything you learned, templates and all. 

Simple as that. You come in fully committed, do the work, and you will start to see results immediately. 

👍🏾 Sound good?

Let US coach you to a radically different experience of your career.

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Unlike other coaching programs, we understand power dynamics and what it's like to be a high-achieving 'only.' We are dialed into the needs of those of us juggling clinic, surgery, research, kids, and a million other things. 
There is no time wasted – no fluff. 
All high-quality, applicable content - week in, week out. 
This is not passive learning while you wait for change to happen. We go from theory to action in real time, with me supporting you every step of the way. 

No more playing small. 
We can't wait to work with you.

KD Coach LLC is a high-quality academic coaching business that creates a safe, warm, and effective space to unlock the intelligence, creativity, and potential of women of color in academic medicine.