🎉 Exciting Announcement! 

We are thrilled to share that Dr. Kemi Doll has secured a book deal for her upcoming project, delving into a deeply personal and intergenerational journey surrounding the legacy of Black women and our relationship with the womb. 

📚 Join us in celebrating this significant milestone in Kemi's Book Journey as she bravely explores the silence, suffering, and strength tied to our maternal lineages.

Through her book, she will shed light on the untold stories, challenges, and resilience of Black women, challenging existing norms and advocating for change within medical and cultural systems. 

Stay tuned for updates on her progress, insights into her writing process, and opportunities to engage with her empowering narrative. 

Let's support Dr. Doll as she embarks on this transformative journey, amplifying the voices and experiences of Black women in reclaiming their agency and breaking barriers! 

✨ Thank you for being part of this community and for your ongoing support.

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