Friends, Boundaries are a critical requirement of a successful, sustainable, and nourishing academic career. You cannot have this combo without boundaries.  That means we have work to do. And this work is aided greatly by being aware and accepting of the fact that you are likely terrible at this, especially if you were a ‘rock star’ […]


July 21, 2021

How to Create Effective Boundaries In Your Career

Friends, This KD Coaching Newsletter is really over 1.5 years in the making.  I did not realize that on Dec 13th, 2019 when I wrote in my one-sentence-a-day journal: “I am questioning the role of surgery in my future.” Whew. It was the only place I could admit this to myself. I had spent 6 […]


June 16, 2021

Elevating Your Self-Concept

Friends,  It took me awhile to realize that we almost never hear messages of self-trust in academic medicine. Yes, I have also attended the career development workshop where they mention that what matters most is ‘what you want to do.’ And then what follows is instructions on doing that thing that you want to do […]


June 2, 2021

What does self-trust look like in academic medicine?

Friends,  Every major project (hello grants!) includes a point where we start to question whether or not we’ll reach the finish line.  This huge, unmovable deadline looms – and all we can see is everything left Undone. Even if we’ve had plans mapped out week by week to avoid this very feeling of last-minute panic, […]


April 27, 2021

What to do when your grant isn’t ready

Hello friends,  Let’s talk about Focus.  Academic medicine offers such a full platter of opportunities that veering off course becomes too easy – in fact, it’s sometimes seems like the default. A default that doesn’t serve anyone’s long term success or sanity.  On the other hand, we’re women of color in academic medicine…Juggling multiple things […]


April 14, 2021

How to stay focused amid career distractions

Get ready for the ‘woo’ y’all.  Usually, I give you a whole preamble but that’s just not what I’m feeling today. Here it is – straight, no chaser.  I have been through this wringer enough to break it down as simply as I can. Growth *hurts.*  And it requires both Being and Doing.  If you […]


March 30, 2021

The Being and the Doing

Hey Friends,  Let’s talk about the Time Fantasy.  We desperately crave the extra time to get on top of things and start saying yes to more of the good stuff. But when that time is nowhere to be found, too often a path to burnout seems to be the only legitimate option – (hello late […]


March 16, 2021

Why you keep having “unproductive” weeks

Hey Friends,  We are going through some #upgrades at KD Coach LLC which required a change of pace with these newsletters. Even though I’m thrilled to roll out what I have in store for you (!!!)…I still bristle every time I have to acknowledge the rules of space/time and downshift in one area in order […]


February 25, 2021

Constant Vigilance

Hey hey hey! So, sometimes I hop on live video on Facebook/IG and drop some coaching content that is burning a hole in my mind. Last week, was one of those times. ☺  I talk about mindset A LOT, because I truly believe no change is actually durable, until you figure out how to change your […]


February 17, 2021

You don’t need a coach to make these changes

Hello Friends, Listen, I know that you love to learn.  Let’s just agree right now that we are all Class A nerds. The teachers pet, the top of the class, the ‘everything is sooo interesting!’…. This is exactly why I’m talking to you right now. That identity is helpful when going through training and securing that […]


January 27, 2021

Stop wasting your time learning new things.

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