There is a dangerous venn diagram in academics – we seek papers, grants, and opportunities because they allow us to make change and have our work make an impact. Also – those same grants, papers, and opportunities are undeniable *gold stars* that us achievers have been hustling for since this rigged game started. We go […]


January 11, 2021

Breaking up with Academic Co-Dependence

December brings the end of the year summaries, the top 10 lists, etc. It also tends to bring into clear focus what we did and did not accomplish over the year.  And when we’re talking about 2020, there’s an entire additional layer to that exercise. Are you breathing? Win. Do you still have a job? […]


December 10, 2020

Making December Meaningful

Friends,  I got good grant news last week. VERY good. 😉  But I want to point out something to you all – I started this whole coaching endeavor before any of that external validation. Before the ‘successful’ transition from early career awards to giant independent ones. Before I could hang my hat on a line […]


November 24, 2020

6 million reasons to do it differently.

One thing I’m fairly clear on is that I am not for everybody. For example, an aspect that is underneath a lot of what I write, but I’ll say explicitly here, is that I am not interested in mediocrity or average.  That is just not in my DNA.  If you are reading and resonating with […]


November 5, 2020

We are not here for mediocrity.

I had a midpoint check-in with a client in my Get That Grant coaching program this past weekend. I love these coaching calls because we always dive into some very individualized issue, but first I get to check-in and see, how are things going for you? She said things were going well, but how she said […]


October 7, 2020

Breaking Down the Big Win

The way that we talk about productivity revolves a lot around discipline. Going hard, pulling all nighters, pushing through…. Even I talk about ‘work intervals’, focus, and badass boundaries. All of this is coming back to the concepts of self-control and persistence. Still sounds a lot like discipline.  Obviously working hard is required to succeed in academic […]


September 23, 2020

Unlearning What You Were Trained To Do

Listen. Like many of you I have littles at home and have now added the managing of virtual schooling of a Kindergartner to an already strained 2020.  The knife edge feeling of keeping my sanity and focus each day is real. So, today’s newsletter is about the worst advice on how to manage your time […]


September 10, 2020

Just Say No is terrible career advice.

It is very easy to get stuck not taking an action or making a decision (same thing, by the way).   99% of the time that we are stuck in decision purgatory is because we are focused on everything that could go wrong. We don’t send the email to our Chair because of the potential reaction. […]


August 26, 2020

How to get unstuck and make progress in your career

Hi Friends,  There are not actually that many new ideas. I remember hearing Aminatou Sow joke that around seven days or so after the first few minutes here, we humans ran out of new ideas. Everyone is looking for the secret sauce of productivity. How do you keep your papers going? How do you keep your grants […]


August 10, 2020

Why your productivity hacks don’t work

Hello Friends,  First, let me start off by saying you are amazing. If you are reading this, you have likely defied the odds. You have earned a doctorate, you have been hired as academic faculty, you have published meaningful work, and for many of you, you’ve been successfully funded in traditionally tough funding areas. You ARE amazing.   […]


July 9, 2020

Retreat, Reclaim, and Slay Those Goals

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